Music – Life

‘Music’ makes a real difference in our house. My grandmother has always conceptualized ‘music’ with a great depth..something that is spiritual. A language that makes you think for hours. It’s everywhere within individuals, in the crowd and even when you are alone thinking of old memories with watery eyes. For my grandmother, music is sacred. But this doesn’t apply to the younger crowd in our family. They have grown with music as their friend, as their hobby, which is rock, jazz, pop. The music which is in instruments, in bands…So in our house it doesn’t matter if you are listening to music or not but what kind of music one hears is of great importance. Even the guests coming have to make a choice of their team (haha)

Beauty lies in this fact that people have always loved music, across generations. In this fast moving world of science and technology there is still a little space for music, for art. People can grasp music, understand it and attach their stories. Maybe music is one of the reason why humans can still be called as humans (creators of art) and not machines.

Music a way of life

Music – life


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