Me and my long distance friend decided to meet for lunch. We used to talk a lot on phone but then we grew up, and got introduced to social media. Whatsapp-ing, Instagram-ing, Snapchat-ing..yes we enjoyed a lot (still enjoy a lot). Coming back to present, we met with excited feelings. There was so much to talk but maybe nothing to talk. We were caught in this awkward situation where we didn’t know what to talk so we put our heads in our phones again. It’s weird how in actual life you can’t say ‘hmm’ or put a ‘thumbs up’ emoji to drag the conversation. Though our meet was pretty silent one, after coming home we tweeted of having a great time.

Internet, especially social media has brought the world so close that relationships can be made easily and strengthened. But these they really make us happy? I remember how me and my friend used to laugh on real jokes and gossip around. We were so close back then. Making streaks on snapchat( sending a snap daily to get number of days you speak without interval), sending good morning messages or liking and commenting on photos or having 3. am chats are so common that one doesn’t feel the need for real conversation. Have you lately talked with your parents without looking at your phone even once? Have you lately had conversation with face emotions and not face emojis? Have you lately enjoyed food without clicking photos? Let me tell you that these things are important. There is a need of such conversation in which emotions are also shared with words, where relationships are valued and respected. I don’t blame the technology or social media as they are just tools in the hands of human. It’s us who are engrossing in a virtual world so much, that we don’t understand the happiness of real world.

Try evoking real happiness

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